Online Bill Pay

If you haven't tried our bill pay, now is the time.

Easy To Use Features!

Account to Account Transfers!

Person to Person Transfers!

New Look:

  • Now 3 easy steps for adding a payee (biller)
  • Guides you through the process of adding a payee(s)
  • New icons and payes logos provide easy identification of a payee, including four of the most common bill categories: Utilities, Phone, Insurance, Credit Cards
  • Pay multiple bills at the same time
  • You can even have your paper bills delivered directly to your bill pay account

New Features:

Account-to-Account Transfers allow you to transfer funds between your accounts at Wave (internal transfer) or transfer funds to accounts you hold at other financial institustions (external transfers)

Popmoney allows you to Pay Other People anywhere, at anytime, using only the recipient's email address, mobile number or bank account. Learn More ยป

  • Popmoney payments can be sent to any personal payee within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, but not the U.S. territories.
  • Popmoney can be used to send money to personal payee for:
    • Paying rent to a landlord
    • Repaying a friend for your portion of a dinner bill
    • Sending a gift
  • Popmoney users can also receive a request for money (payment request) from and legacy CashEdge Popmoney FI users.
    • A small fee is charged for each transaction.

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